Training Resources for School Teachers on Addressing School Avoidance, School Refusal, and School Phobia

Training Resources for Educators on Addressing School Phobia Chronic absenteeism due to mental health disabilities is a pervasive issue in Canadian schools, transcending mere concerns of mental health, disability, education, or human rights—it’s a critical matter of survival. The absence of tailored educational accommodations, support, and services escalates the risk of suicide among these students. The ongoing silence surrounding school phobia and chronic absenteeism demands urgent attention. Decisions made at various levels—from individual schools to school boards, and from provincial and territorial authorities to the federal government, involving school support staff, administrators, and mental health professionals—have profound implications. Students grappling…

Join Our April 2024 School Phobia Training Course

Attention all mental health, education, and community professionals: seize the opportunity to contribute to positive change. If you missed our January session on school phobia training, we’re offering another chance to join our upcoming courses next month. The course kicks off on Wednesday, April 3rd, at 6 p.m. ET, continuing every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. ET until May 8th, all through Zoom. Spaces are available, so act fast. Participants will engage in a detailed course that includes assignments, certification, and a duplicable guidebook designed to assist students dealing with school phobia, avoidance, and frequent absenteeism. Register at