Certificate Course: School-Wide Strategies for Supporting Students with School Phobia, Avoidance, and Chronic Absenteeism for Education and Mental Health Professionals

Strategies for Addressing School Phobia, Avoidance, and Chronic Absenteeism for Educators and Mental Health Experts

Tackling school phobia, avoidance, and absenteeism is crucial for advancing youth mental health and preventing suicides.

Enroll in the YMHC School Phobia Training Course to acquire essential skills and knowledge to assist students battling with persistent school absenteeism. Join now to be part of the change.

The course is grounded in extensive research and offers a variety of strategies that can be implemented school-wide to significantly improve students’ lives, health, education, and future prospects.

The instructor leverages her two decades of experience in addressing school phobia, coordinating programs to encourage school attendance, and her extensive background in teaching students at various educational levels in Canada and Africa. She is also actively involved in global organizations dedicated to youth mental health, suicide prevention, and school attendance.

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YMHC Mental Health and Wellness Workshops and Presentations

YMHC offers both online and in-person workshops and presentations catered to a diverse audience including students (ranging from elementary to postsecondary levels), parents/caregivers, school personnel, corporate employees, and trade union members, spanning various educational, workplace, and community contexts. These sessions are customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Workshop Categories:

  • Workshops for Parents/Families
  • Educational Institution Workshops
  • Community-focused Workshops
  • Corporate Sector Workshops
  • Workshops for Trade Unions

Highlighted Workshops:

  • Strategies for Schools to Promote Student Mental Well-being
  • Approaches to Address School Phobia, Avoidance, and Persistent Absence in Students
  • Developing Your Personal Wellness Action Plan
  • Cultivating Networks of Support, Strength, and Resilience

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