Students across Canada are consistently missing school due to mental health issues. This situation transcends just being about mental health, disability, education, or human rights—it’s a critical matter of life and death. The lack of necessary educational adjustments, supports, and services escalates the risk of suicide.

The ongoing silence around school phobia and chronic absenteeism is glaringly apparent. Decisions at various levels, from individual schools to school boards, and up to provincial, territorial, or federal authorities, involving school support staff, administrators, healthcare, and mental health professionals, as well as human rights tribunals or the Supreme Court of Canada, all play a role. Students struggling with mental health issues, including school phobia, deserve a publicly funded education that addresses both their educational and disability-related needs.

School-Wide Strategies for Supporting Students with School Phobia, Avoidance, and Chronic Absenteeism for Education, and Mental Health Professionals

School phobia, avoidance, and absenteeism are significant challenges in the realm of youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Enroll in the YMHC School Phobia Training Course to acquire essential knowledge and skills to assist students battling chronic absenteeism. Join now to contribute to the solution.

The course offers a comprehensive range of strategies applicable across entire schools, aimed at enhancing students’ well-being, educational outcomes, and future prospects, all backed by a solid evidence base.

The instructor brings to the table over two decades of experience in addressing school phobia, coordinating Stay-in-School programs, and teaching at various educational levels—from elementary to post-secondary and adult education—in both Canada and Africa. Her active participation in international organizations dedicated to youth mental health, suicide prevention, and school attendance further enriches the course content.

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